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Ways To Cut Down Wedding Costs

We’d all love to have our weddings in the most extravagant venues, filled with fresh flowers in beautiful lace dresses but well, the truth is that we may not be able to afford all that. A wedding is a huge investment of not only funds, but time and energy too. If you invest with the right people according to a right plan, you are safe. If not, you might end up spending more than necessary. However, we need to ensure that quality of the entire occasion is maintained. So here are some of the ways to cut down on costs creatively. Go here  for more information about silk bridal robes.

Hire a wedding plannerYou might think this is costly however, it could actually save you heaps. Wedding planners obviously have better contacts in the industry and hence you could get quality services for reasonable prices. Also, they will take care of every little aspect, starting from the wedding venue to the flowers to the bridal party robes. All these little elements will be fulfilled undoubtedly. However, you need to be careful in selecting a planner. Recommendations by friends could work well rather than picking them out of the phone book.

  • Be smart in decorationThe main focus here is of course, fresh flowers. Usually these are expensive; not the flowers itself, but the labour cost to set them up. So, think for yourself, what do we actually expect from flower decorations? Simply to get your photographs look pretty since any other decoration at the church or reception will not be remembered by anyone. So, use flowers only where it is necessary and being photographed while using other stuff such as tall candles, pebbles etc. for tables.
  • Make your payments by credit cardEven if you have millions in your bank accounts, use your credit card for payments as any amounts are refundable if needed. For example, if you’ve purchased your luxury robes by cash and they don’t get delivered on time, you could easily get the money refunded. If you paid by cash, you’d never see that money again. So, a credit card can act like an insurance policy.
  • Make use of local expertiseWho are you trying to impress by hiring a well-known branded dress designer? Well, no one. No one would know if you are wearing a Vera Wang design or someone downtown. If you have a great design in mind, do not hesitate to make use of new talent. There are ample budding designers in town and giving them a chance is no harm, if they know what they are doing.

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